48 Most Elaborate Flower Beard Decorations Ideas

37 Most Elaborate Flower Beard Ideas

Do you remember Pierce Thiot, a photographer who has objects to stuff things into his beard? Apparently, he’s not the only one inside this! Now, people around the world are arranging beautiful flowers into their beards.

It is difficult to identify who started the trend, however, one of the drawings on our list comes from 1977. This probably meant the idea was born early with the hippie movement and John Phillips ‘San Francisco’ song. Line “If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”, inspire thousands of young people from all over the world to go to San Francisco, wearing flowers in their hair and now, it seems, in their beards. Style is now a lumprah thing for the use of a man. Here we have 48 photos to be your reference

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