42 Rustic Wedding Suspended Flowers Decor Ideas

22 Rustic Wedding Suspended Flowers Decor Ideas

Why not change your floral decor at your wedding literally upside down and see this amazing flower-mounting idea? I love the idea of ​​taking bloom off the table and creating beautiful foliage and flower foliage above your guests.

Men Cascade flower chandeliers that look like floats in the air, bouquets of flowers blooming, flowers hanging upside down, and the flowers pack so tightly that it looks like the ceiling is made of color. Every idea creates a paradise, a special room for your event. Not only is the inspiration of this flower an amazing statement, but also open to so many styles of interpretation – you can even pour table flowers entirely to the guests who turn their views upward into your floral creations. We have collected some photos of suspended ornaments for reference of your happy day.

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